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Yalta conference- Divide Geermany into 4 parts. Eastern europe=Free electoins. Soviet Union vs. Japan after defeat of Germany. This was a plain did not happen.


THE IRON CURTAIN: Dived between communist and non communist.

CONTAINMENT:U.S tryed to contand

TRUMAN DOCTRINE: U.S. gave money and support to people who were fighting against Communist

THE MARSHALL PLAN:Financial aid $13.7 billion 17 diffrent countries

BERLIN AIRLIFT:U.S had planes resply berlin every 3mins

NATO:North atlantic treaty organication>military Allialce.

Othe causes
Philosophical differences
the atomic bomb

The soviot union belives that Communism, Dictatorships
The U.S. belives that it should be Capitalism,Democracy

What event is this?this is the Berlin AirLift
Why was it important?shows u.s. committmemt to containment

Mao Zedong- Leader of communist China
McCartyhism-is when he went around acusing people who worked for govement and had no proof
Korean War-
38th Parallel- Dived Kereo into 2
Police Action-

1. What events led to growing fears of communism in the US? they didnt want more people to come communist. S.U.=bomb in 1949. China became Communist
2.Was McCartthyism an appropriate reaction to the commununsit threat? It was wrong he had no proof he just blamed people he didnt like or want in the goverment. all we no he could of ben a S.U. spie
3. What was the Korean War? Was it successful? The Korean war was when the north keroens that are communest attacked the south that was not communist and the U.S. came and heled the south and fought the north off and brought peac back to the south.

What caused the Kereon War? The North Kereon's tryed to take over south Kereo
What happened to Korea after WWII? Split into 2 dived by the 38 parallel.
How did the U.S. able to recapture Seoul?sent troops to "fight" communist > Police Action
Why do you think nthe war was called the "nastiest little war"?