We will discuss what stock is, how you buy and sell stocks, and how the stock market works. We will also talk about the stock market crash of 1929. By the end of the opener, you should have the following four terms defined on your wikispaces:

Stock-part ownership in a company.
Shares- individual pieces of owenrship
Gross National Product (GNP)- the total value of goods and service produced in a nation during a specific time.
Buying on margin- buying stocks with loans from stockbrokers.
Black tuesday-October 29,1929
supply and demand-price rise

People bought a part for they could get money it was a risk though they could lose money or get money.people always look for new ways to get money and this was one way but in this way u can invest in the wrong company and lose money.

Predictions/Other Thoughts:
Effects of the Crash – M.I:
Peopke buying shares trying to make money out of it but end lossing it all and being indet.
  • i could not belive that peoples years of gains was gone like that.
  • i feel like if people all sell their part of the market its ganna make things worse
  • everyone was lossing money
  • i cant belive over 3 million people lost there jobs
  • i think more people are just ganna keep lossing their job
  • people just stop buying they only bought food and house stuff
  • what would people do if they could not pay back loans?

Impact on individuals

  • When the stock market collapse it had ruined many individual investors

  • Many lost years of gains right in a blink of an eye.

  • When stock was falling people sold their part of the market for way less then they paid.

Effects on banks

  • When it fell it made a bank crisis
  • Bank had lost money they loand stock brokers money
  • This drove many backs out of bussiness
  • With banks closing was a deep impact on america

Effects on business
  • people were getting laid off work
  • people had to spend less only buy what they needed
  • nearly 3 million people lost their jobs
  • in 1920 they just stop spending

Effects overseas
  • people could not pay back loans
  • WWI & Treaty of versailles-Made germany pay reparatoin to france.
  • tried to pass high tariffs-a tax on imported goods.
Summarize the effects of the stock market crash:

The 1920's was one of the worste crisis for money in america. who ever invest in the stock market had lots money or even life saveings banks stores people getting laid off. People could only get food everything eles would cost to much and they didnt have much money to spend.

Dear ching lee wong
You need to be carefull of the stock market. after all my years of being a stock broker i have a bad failing about people investing so much money. you need to sell what ever you have and try to make a profit befor its to late. I can tell you this cause there is being more stuff made and people ant buying it they dont need it now its just siting in a wear house

The great depression was a bad time. Many people lost their jobs 1 out of 4 people would losse their job.Livein coditions were bad people were lossing their homes cause they could not pay loans. Many farmers lost thier farms cause they could not pay the back back the loans and banks were closing cause people could not pay them back.Familys got split in half cause they could not feed eachother the kids left and went town to town looking for work they were called hoboes. there was a staorm called dust bowl it wind storm it spred away topsoil and blew it a hundred miles away.It was one of the worst storms dust reached as far as the Atlantic coast.